Artistic Japanese Cosmetics Product Packaging

Japanese cosmetic products

Sometimes I enjoy getting into many stores and browse through different Japanese products. Today I saw some beautiful Japanese cosmetics product packaging and I wanted to share it with you.

If you read my previous posts, you know that I love Japanese art and Japanese comics (Manga/Anime). I just love the art-style, it’s so unique and attractive.

Pure Smile Japanese Face Mask Packaging

The thing is that this type of Japanese art style finds its way to many different product and advertisements. This is why, when I walk in the streets of Osaka, I actually enjoy seeing some of those commercials and checking different products. Some of those product packagings are very eye-candy, vibrant and beautifully designed.

Japanese cosmetic product packaging
I felt like taking a few of those cosmetic face-mask products because I really like the packaging design.

The products that you see in the image above are Japanese ‘Pure Smile’ face masks. If you look closely you can see that the face mask has collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E. It’s even translated to English.

Let’s forget the beauty benefits for a second. Most importantly, look how beautiful and colorful the design is. You can mix it with anything else, you know this is a Japanese product. It’s also written “Art Mask” at the top-left front side of the product.

Japanese Bath Salts Packaging

The second product also looks really cool. If I am not wrong, these are Japanese bath salts. You put them inside the bath and it has nice aroma and some minerals to soothe your skin and make you feel revitalized.

Japanese bath salts
Japanese bath salts with beautiful Japanese art packaging.

Here again, the Japanese art-style is evident all over the package. Beautiful designs that definitely will attract tourist’s attention.

There are tons of products in every one of those cosmetic stores. It’s like a cosmetic junkyard where you can find literally anything of everything cosmetic related. When you come to Japan, no matter if it’s in Tokyo, Osaka or other cities. Japanese cosmetics stores are really something else.

Besides that, when you buy those products, you also feel like you are buying something purely Japanese. I don’t have any experience in that. Maybe I’ll buy Japanese aftershave blam just to try out. Something with nice Japanese art-style packaging. If I do, I’ll share it with you. I think I’ll bring a few of those Japanese cosmetic masks to my mom—she’ll love it 🙂

Speaking of Japanese product design, check out this Bandai AR anime bandages.

If you want to purchase those ‘Pure Smile’ face masks online, you can check out Pure Smile shop.

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