Asahi Beer Limited Editions – 130th Anniversary, Tokyo 2020 & Autumn Seasonal

Today I went shopping at MEGA Don Quijote shopping center. I checked out the beer section and found some Asahi beer limited editions.  I want to share some photos of those Asahi beers and a bit more information about, what I was able to find.

Asahi 130th Anniversary Limited Edition Beer

The first one is an Asahi Breweries 130th anniversary edition beer. Asahi Breweries drink company was founded in1889 in Osaka. So 130 years have passed since then, and the company has released this

Asahi 130th anniversary limited edition beer
Asahi 130th anniversary limited edition beer

At the image above you can see the Japanese label and the “130th-anniversary” text written in English. Here is another vertical image showing the same front label and the entire beer can.

Asahi beer, 130th-anniversary limited edition
Asahi beer, 130th-anniversary limited edition.

I haven’t tried all of those new editions. I’ll probably try them in the upcoming week and share my first taste impressions.

Seasonal beer line-up for Autumn 2019

There are two Autumn 2019 seasonal taste beers that I’ve seen in the shop. The first one is Asahi Aki no Utage Clear Limited.

Asahi Aki no Utage (Autumn Party
Asahi Aki no Utage (Autumn Party beer, 2019 limited edition.

The second one is Asahi Kurenai, which has a rich roasted flavor. I really like the can design itself. Each year you can a different label design. You can see the beautiful foliage autumn leaves on the front side, beautiful.

Asahi Kurenai beer
Asahi Kurenai beer. 2019 Seasonal taste (Autumn).

Asahi is not the only company who released Seasonal taste variations of their beer, but this is the one I came across. If I see more, I’ll share it and also give it a taste sooner or later.

Asahi Tokyo 2020 Olympics Limited Edition

The next one is not surprisingly, a limited edition for the Tokyo 202 Olympics event.

Asahi Gold Label GO for 2020
Asahi Gold Label GO for 2020, limited-edition beer.

You can see the text “GO for 2020” and the “Tokyo 2020” and “Tokyo Paralympic Games” texts at the front of the beer can.

So this is it. Four different Asahi limited-edition beers that were manufactured specifically for Autumn 2019 and the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

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