At Kishiwada from morning until evening

Kishiwada festival

I arrived to Kishiwada around 6:00 am. I thought that I was early for the 2019 Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri festival. Well, it started around 5:00 am. There were many people already there.

What an amazing festival. Many people carrying a big wooden wagon with a Pagodastival. One person is standing at the top,, several on the sides and douzen of people pushing the wagon.

Now that’s where things get interesting. The wagon is pushed in full speed before each intersection, each turn. The turns are very sharp. The ones who push the wagon need to be very accurate or else the wagon can get out of it’s route or collapse to the side.

Once I saw it from up close, I understood why there were fatal injuries in the past. A Japanese local told me that in that specifically corner that we were, someone got injured. This was the sharpest turn in the city. That person got hit from a protruding roof.

I was filming the turn in that corner. Probably a mistake, but I didn’t know it was that dangerous. When the wagon took the turn, a few guys got thrown into the rubber bumpers, which are there for that particular reason. Nothing bad happened, but I could feel how dangerous Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri festival cart-pushing is.

Anyway, I didn’t came late at all. The Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri festival lasts all day and also tommorow all day. I’ve decided to stay all day here.

I will share much more photos and videos when I get back.

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