Attending Photo & Imagine Show in Seoul

Canon booth, Seoul Photo & Imaging Expo

On April 19, 2018, I attended the 27th Seoul International Photo & Imagine show in Seoul, South Korea. The show took place between April 19 to April 22nd at COEXH Hall A.

I was actually attending the Seoul VR/AR Expo 2018 that took place in the same buildings. Only once I was there I learned about the Photo & Imagine Show.

I love photography as you know and I never attended a photography-related show/event in my entire life. Firstly, I always wanted to attend on.  Secondly, this was a great opportunity to do so. After finishing with the Seoul AR/VR event I went to the imaging show.

In that place, there was the top leading photo imagine companies, like Canon, Nikon, Tamron, Sony, Sigma and many others. The products exhibited there include cameras, camcorders, interchangeable lenses, lighting equipment, backdrop, computer editing software, graphics card, network systems, printers and monitors,  and more

For an enthusiast photographer like myself, it was another amazing place to expand the knowledge about the world of photography and, of course, try the produces by myself first hand.

Photos from Photo & Imaging Expo 2018

Here are some photos I took at the Photo & Imagine Expo in Seoul, South Korea.

At the center of the place was the huge Canon booth. In the middle of the booth were two Korean women models that were modeling for the photographers around the booth. You could try different cameras, including the Canon EOS 5Ds, and the Canon EOS M100 among others.

The EOS M100 was a newly released mirrorless camera and Canon put a nice exhibit promoting it in their booth.

I Love Photography Expos

I love photography shows like this. This is such an amazing place for enthusiast photographers, even so for amateurs, and obviously for professionals.

Planning to stay many hours at the AR/VR show, I’ve stayed more time at the photo show.  Without a doubt, this was an incredible show and if you are an enthusiast photographer like myself, and visiting Seoul at that time, you should clearly attend it.

In particular, I enjoyed the Canon booth. Now owning a digital SLR camera myself, I can’t wait to see the results that I get with this camera compared to just shooting with my mobile phone. In addition to this, I plant to check if there are photo expos in Japan too.

It was a fun day, I got back home with some nice brochures to continue reading and learn more about photography in general.

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