Cherry Blossom Viewing at National Assembly, Seoul

Interesting looking cherry blossom trees

Even before I went to Seoul, I knew that there are some good places to view cherry blossoms trees. I was staying in Seoul for 3 months at the time. Furthermore, that stay period also ensured that I’ll get to see the cherry blossom in Seoul, in addition to that, on a beautiful day. On […]

Attending Photo & Imagine Show in Seoul

Canon booth, Seoul Photo & Imaging Expo

On April 19, 2018, I attended the 27th Seoul International Photo & Imagine show in Seoul, South Korea. The show took place between April 19 to April 22nd at COEXH Hall A. I was actually attending the Seoul VR/AR Expo 2018 that took place in the same buildings. Only once I was there I learned […]

Gwangjang Market: Authentic Korean Street Food in Seoul

Gwangjang Market, Seoul

Gwangjang Market (광장시장) or also written as ‘Kwangjang Market’ or ‘Kwang jang’ (appears on the Korean sign), is a marvelous traditional Korean market with lots of tasty Korean street food. It’s foodies heaven and a place not to miss while in Seoul, South Korea. If you ask me, what you miss the most in South […]