Eating Delicious Gyoza (Jiaozi) Dumplings with Peanut Sauce

Delicious Yaki Gyoza at dotonbori, Osaka

Today I ate another set of 6 tasty Yaki-Gyoza (餃子, gyōza) pork dumplings, filled with delicious ground meat and vegetables. This time, I wanted to spoil myself a bit better with the sauce.

So what I did was took that amazing hot peanut sauce and put it all over the Gyoza. Oh boy, that was even tastier than yesterday. The other day I was afraid of ruin the taste and I wanted to taste it with less sauce. This time, I went all-in with the delicious sauce. I think next time I am going to put even more.

I’ve Found Even Cheaper Gyoza

By the way, I saw Gyoza at MEGA Don Quijote shop. They sell 8 for around 280 Yen I think. So it’s even cheaper. But it’s made food, so it’s not hot and not as fresh compared to buying it at the restaurant. This is the type of food that you want to eat straight from the cooking plate, steamed, hot and freshly burned. This is why I didn’t buy the gyoza at the supermarket but rather waited to enjoy it at a street food restaurant.

Gyoza at MEGA Don Quijote
Gyoza at MEGA Don Quijote store. I prefer hot and fresh at a local street food place.

Watching How to Make Gyoza?

I was interested in seeing how the Gyoza is made. Well, you can’t see the meat and vegetables mixture process. However, I was able to see how the mixture is put into the dough before it goes to the frying plate where it gets steamed and fried.

Pretty cool. Once the mixture is ready, it’s a piece of cake. I wish there was a place to make one at the hostel. I would eat it every day LOL. Oh, let’s not forget the sauces!

Yaki-Gyoza with Lots of Peanut Sauce

Don’t enlarge those images if you are hungry. It was a nightmare editing those images, I really want to eat more Yaki-gyoza. I need to find a Japanese street food place nearby so I can walk like 1-2 minutes and get some. The supermarket’s offering is not for me. Give me hot and fresh gyoza and I’ll get it in an instant.

I still don’t know which is the best place in Osaka that makes the best gyoza. I might read about it on the Internet. I’m one traveler wrote something about it. If I find one, be sure I’ll share it with you.

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