Evening Food Shopping at MEGA Don Quijote Shinsekai Osaka

MEGA Don Quijote store in the evening

Today I went to MEGA Don Quijote Shinsekai store (MEGAドン・キホーテ 新世界店) to buy a few groceries to the room. Mega Don Quijote is a huge convenience store that sells groceries, prepared foods, household items, cosmetics, vitamins, sushi, clothing, alcohol and much more.

The store is also known as Don Quijote Shin-Imamiya. Many travelers stay at hostels in Shin-Imamiya (like myself) and some are not familiar with the name “Shinsekai”. Shinsekai is a shopping district in Osaka. The store is located there.

MEGA Don Quijote

I visited supermarkets that have a larger selection of food that I actually prefer eating, with even lower prices. Although, MEGA Don Quijote is known for its low discount prices in general.

They have a large selection of groceries, but the thing is that you need to read Japanese in order to understand what many of the items are. Sometimes I use Google Translate AR feature, but most of the time I am lazy. I just pick up the things that I know and that’s it.

prepared food at MEGA Don Quijote
prepared food at MEGA Don Quijote. They have quite a large selection.

The prepared food doesn’t need too many labels because you can see through the box what you get. They also show the date that it was made (of course the same day). At the end of the day, they cut the prices, around 30%, so you can buy prepared food at a very low price. Great for travelers on a budget.

I personally prefer not buying meat that stands for many hours outside. So I usually pick up the vegetarian ones.

Microwave pasta meals
I buy that microwave pasta. It’s super cheap, has a nice quantity (380g or 380g, some less depends on the type) it’s easy to make and it’s tasty. Prices do not include Tax, it’s calculated at the cashier.

These ready pasta that you see in the image above are for the microwave. They are super cheap and once in the late afternoon and I don’t have craving for anything else. There are various options. I personally like the spaghetti bolognese and the blue one (you can’t see it in the image), which has bacon and comes with a delicious sauce. If you are searching for budget premade foods that you can just put in the microwave, those are a good option.

Japanese beer cans on the shelf at Don Quijote supermarket
A large selection of awesome Japanese beers, including Asahi, Suntory The Malt’s, Sapporo and many others.

I love sauces and drinks and at Don Quijote, you can find plenty of those. I usually buy 1-liter packages of juices made of 100% fruits. Pineapple juice and Orange juice are my favorite ones.

Regarding beer, you can read my post about the best Japanese beers. Usually, I take either The Premium Malt’s, Sapporo or Asahi. Although I have a vending machine at the hostel that sells those at the same price. It’s very convenient.  When I feel like drinking a chilled Japanese beer, I take the elevator down, grab one for around 200 Yen and go back to the room.

Japanese food in Don Quijote shop
I wish there was an English translation on many of those items. I feel like I am missing a lot because I am too lazy to translate all this.

There are also plenty of amazing Japanese sweets and snacks that you can buy at MEGA Don Quijote store. This delicious bread with chocolate chips is one of them. I also really like Pocky sticks.  I like the matcha one, the chocolate and the strawberry.  I don’t buy them everyday of course, but once in a while when I want to spoil myself.

Pocky seasonal chocolate sticks
Pocky seasonal chocolate sticks. So tasty, love the texture and the taste. Not too sweet and full of flavor.

In the end, I don’t buy a lot at MEGA Don Quijote. I have a small refrigerator but I also like coming back and hang around in the store. Sometimes you find new things, so I don’t stack food in the hostel’s room.

That’s it. A bit of inner look at MEGA Don Quijote in Osaka near Shin-Imamiya and Dobutsuen Mae streets.

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