September 12: Flight from Munich to Osaka Update

Flight Munich to Osaka

After landing in Munich, Germany, I took a flight to Osaka. It’s an 11-hour flight. Honest, I hate don’t like flying, but if there is a country I’ll do it for, this is Japan.

I can’t sleep during a flight

I am on the plane as I write these lines. The sits are uncomfortable 😣 so I go to the end of the hallway to stand a bit. For me, being 11-hours on a plane is a nightmare. One of the reasons that I never sleep on the airplane. I mean, I am not able to sleep.

Right now they are serving us a hot napkin to clean our hands before launch, which will be served soon.

Flight Cameras

One cool thing is that there are three outdoor cameras on the plane. So we can actually see outside the plane on the seat monitors. I am flying Lufthansa, by the way

Actually, only two cameras are active, the on facing front at the bottom of the plane near the wheels. A second one facing down towards the terrain. The inactive one is facing front.

It’s beautiful seeing the departure from the bottom camera, the one facing front. Now, because we are high above the ground, I prefer the camera view who is pointing towards the ground.

To access the ‘Flight Cameras’, go to ‘Home’ menu and scroll right until you see ‘Flight Cameras’ option. Tap on it and you can see an option to observe the Lufthansa flight through the cameras—it”s beautiful.

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