Gwangjang Market: Authentic Korean Street Food in Seoul

Gwangjang Market, Seoul

Gwangjang Market (광장시장) or also written as ‘Kwangjang Market’ or ‘Kwang jang’ (appears on the Korean sign), is a marvelous traditional Korean market with lots of tasty Korean street food. It’s foodies heaven and a place not to miss while in Seoul, South Korea.

If you ask me, what you miss the most in South Korea, I will tell you hands down, it’s this Korean food market. Everyone has its own taste, for me, several of the Korean traditional foods served there were perfect for my taste.

Gwangjang Market is a big attraction in Japan and it’s very popular due to the variety of authentic Korean food stands.  You can find there other things than food but in this post, I’ll focus on food.

Gwangjang Market Photo Gallery

Here are some photos I took from the several times I’ve visited Gwangjang Market in Seoul, South Korea. As you can see, this market is something else, so colorful, so vibrant, so lively and the food.. oh the food, heaven on earth. This is a must-visit market in Seoul for foodies and everyone who wants to try out traditional/authentic Korean food under the same roof. This is by far the best Korean food market in Seoul, and maybe in entire South Korea.

My Favorite Korean Streetfood Dishes

My favorite street food dish was Ddukbokki (떡볶이, orTteokbokki, Spicy Rice Cake). It’s stir-fried rice cakes. I was addicted to it like crazy. Even when I got home, I felt the need to have it in my mouth, insanely tasty.

I usually get the Ddukkokki alongside Korean seaweed rice rolls. What looks like a sushi roll, rice wrapped with seaweed. It comes with a very hot and delicious yellowish sauce that you must try out (if you don’t mind it being hot I mean).

Kimchi is also very tasty. It’s a traditional Korean dish made using different vegetables and it’s highly nutritional. I would put lots of sauce and chosen plenty of vegetable variations and it tasted so good.

There is that delicious Korean soup, a Red Bean Porridge which is also so tasty. It comes with a sweet watery sauce that you put on it. There is also one made using Green Bean (I think it’s green bean, not 100% sure), it’s also delicious!.

Vibrant & Lively Food Market

When you enter the market, you can walk around the two paths. If you find a place that looks good to you, you ask to seat down. The food market is made of various standard. Each stand belongs to different owners. Some of the popular food you’ll find in many stands while others are less common.

There was one lady that made amazing Ddukbokki. After I tried her rice cakes, I couldn’t go to anybody else. When I came back, I sat at her place and ate. I always ordered rice cake and the Korean seaweed rice rolls as those were my favorite. I love food that comes with tasty sauces and those two were heavenly tasty.

Gwangjang Market (Kwangjang Market) is a very colorful market. The smell of the delicious food fills the air. Steam comes from the cooking and it just gives the place a very unique atmosphere. I tried to capture that in my photos. To give you the understanding of how it is like being there and transfer the ambiance of the place.

If there is something I miss no matter which country I visit, is the market. After visiting Japan, I always felt the longing for Korean food in Seoul, South Korea.

The food in Gwangjang Market is cheap. I recommend not getting the big dishes, but trying out many different Korea dishes before settling on the ones that you like best. I mean, you can buy a small plate of rice cake or a big one. If you eat a lot from one dish you’ll get full very fast because that food is full of fiber. So try the small ones and taste different food dishes.

I remember seeing a live octopus in aquariums. The Korean taken them out from the aquarium and make food from them on the spot. It was kind of weird seeing it for the first time. Many tourists wanted to take photos of the poor squid getting ready to be cooked.

I actually searched and I got a video of those octopuses. Here you go.. (Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel on the way).

Now getting it ready for food time!

Overall, Gwangjang Market (Kwangjang Market) is a must-try authentic gastronomic experience that everyone should try out. Just keep in mind that some of the food is hotter than some of you might use to—so ask in advance.

Gwangjang Market Location

Attraction: Gwangjang Market (Traditional Korean food market)
Location: 88 Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno 4(sa)-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

How to get to Gwangjang Market?

It depends on your location. I recommend installing Google Maps on your iPhone or Android phone and just search for “Gwangjang Market” in the search field.

Enjoy your stay and Bon appetite!

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