How Humid is mid-September in Osaka, Japan?

Sapporo beer

There is something about reading about humidity and experiencing it. I landed in Kensai Airport, Osaka, today, September 13th. So it’s the middle of September.

When I got outside of the plane, I immediately could feel the humidity, you can’t miss it. However, it depends on the day of course. I landed on a very humid day with 73% humidity. It was also raining. Considering that I was carrying around a big suitcase and rushing to the post office to take my Pocket Wifi—it wasn’t a comfortable experience.

I got to the hotel all sweaty I needed to take a shower fast. Tomorrow, which is the 14th of September, the is going to be 58% humidity, much lower than today. There is also lesser change (30%) of rain. Also the 15th, 16th seems in about the same 50%-ish humidity.

About the temperature. It’s 21:40 pm in the evening. You can still feel the humid, but it’s not that bad at all as in the day. I think it’s just better to weather short pants than jeans in that weather. I didn’t bring even one. I’ll probably buy one soon.

Tomorrow I am planning to go Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri, so I am happy that the weather will be more stable, not too humid. According to the updates temperatures on,  in the morning, 30° (feel like 34°) and mostly sunny. Humidity 57% and precipitation change 7%. In the afternoon humidity drops a bit (49%), and the temperature rises to 31-degree Celcius.

So overall, during mid-September, here in Osaka, you can still feel the humidity and it’s still hot during the day and even at night. It isn’t as bad as the mid-Summer, but technically, it’s still Summer in Japan until the 23rd. Of course

Looking at the monthly temperatures, they are going to drop gradually, but it still going to be relatively hot and humid throughout September.

From around 21st of September, according to an extended forecast with high and low temperatures from, I can see that the drop starts on that date. With 28°C on the 21st, dropping, to 25°C, 23°C, 22°C and then it’s around 24°C until the end of September.

So about a bit after mid-September, temperatures are more comfortable and of course, it only gets better after that. Same goes to the lowest temperatures forecasted. With 22°C low, down to around 17°C-°19C until the end of the month.

I am just here during that transition, and this means that the weather will just get better from now on and more comfortable in about a week from now.

In October the temperature starts to chill and this is a great time to experience Japan with less humidity and heat.

The good news is that there is a vending machine in the hostel. When I got to the hostel, I picked up a chilled Sapporo beer and that helped me rejuvenate my strengths. Alongside a bath and good sleep, I am all new.

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