I am flying tonight to Osaka, Japan – Very excited!


I am excited. Today I’ll be flying to Osaka for a bit less than three months. To be honest, I don’t like flights, especially long flights where you are in the air for more than 10 hours straight.

I was a bit off today because of this. I’ve spent some time trying to make the blog works faster and optimize images so you can get a better browsing experience. Other than that, I am looking forward to getting to Osaka and share interesting moments with you.

Now that I have a DSLR camera, it’s going to be different. I can bring you much better images than before. I still take my OnePlus 6 smartphone. It’s useful for shooting wide-angle shots and of course, it performs great in low-light.

I don’t know how god my DSLR will perform in low-light conditions as it doesn’t employ a fast lens. The lens is very versatile (!8-105mm) and has a very nice reach. I remember missing some great shots because I just didn’t have a zoom lens with me. The digital zoom was crappy like it is on any camera.

I hope things will go well. I put some snacks in the bag, have my 2 battery packs with me (10,000mAh + 20,000mAh). I took my new laptop computer and a backup 2nd computer that I bought in Osaka the last time after my previous computer broke.

I hope the weather will be good. I’ve seen the weather forecast for September, and it’s still quite hot. But in October it will get better. I love walking outside when it’s chill. I don’t like warm weather unless I am in the pool or at the beach. Not that I go there a lot anyway.

Cold weather relaxes me and I can walk all day without getting tired. I also carry my bag and my camera, so it’s not that I am going light. Luckily, in Japan, there are trains everywhere and it’s easy to get from place to place.

Well, this is it. I hope in the next post I would share more interesting things. After I land I need to get to the post office to get my Pocket WiFi. Then to the hostel, relax a bit and make some plans. I hope that trip will be exciting at least as it was the last time.

Thank you and see you soon in the next post.

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