Japan Pocket WiFi Rental Service Recommendation For Long Stays

Pocket Wifi Buddy taken from the airport

I’ve spent many hours trying to find a Pocket WiFi rental service in Japan. I wanted a service that is relatively cheap and offers a pocket wifi product that has fast download speeds and high data transfer allowance for longer rental periods. In this article, I’ll explain why I’ve chosen Japan Wifi Buddy for a long rental stay in Japan.

I found an amazing service using ‘Japan Wifi Buddy’. This is by far the most affordable Pocket WiFi rental service that doesn’t cut off on service and quality product. Believe me, I’ve searched endlessly to find something good and I’ve read all the top articles about Pocket WiFi and SIM card rentals, their recommendations, ranking, comparisons, etc.

Eventually, I’ve gone with the ‘Diamond’ package. It’s important to note that I traveled for 3 months, so I did get a discount, so I pay less for each rental day. The price goes up if you take for a lesser time period. Having said that, it still has very competitive prices regardless.

Long Term vs Short Term Price Comparison

Just to give you an example before I share with you my full experience. Keep in mind that the prices are as of the time of writing the article (Sep. 8, 2019) and might change. Always visit japanwifibuddy.com for updated pricing. Prices are in USD.

Base package starts at $50.79

  • 2 days – $65.98
  • 31 days – $136.13
  • 61 days – $193.13
  • 92 days – $252.03

So if I rent the pocket WiFi for 92 days (close to the number of dates I took), it cost me around ~$2.7 USD for a single rental day. You might think that many other WiFi rental companies do the same, but not. So when it comes to long-term pocket WiFi rental service, nothing beats Japan WiFi Buddy in that.

For Short Stays, I Choose Klook.com

It’s worth mentioning that when I went to Japan for only a week, there are plenty of services that are cheaper, like klook.com for example, where I could rent a Pocket WiFi for ~$6.5/day. However, if you use want to rent for a long period, let’s say 90, days, you’ll pay much more. Based on my calculations, 90 days for the very popular “4G WiFi (Japan Pick Up) for Japan (Unlimited Data)” package, I’ll pay US$ 656.10. I paid approx. third of that when I use Japan Wifi Buddy.

One time I took klook.com SIM Card because I stayed only a week. It’s cheap, accessible, you get great services trusted by tens of thousands of happy customers.

Having said all that, for a longer travel stay in Japan, nothing beats Japan Wifi Buddy in my opinion. Now let’s talk about facts.

I went with the ‘Diamond’ package, which is the one I recommend. You get a Pocket WiFi with ‘Truly Unlimited 4G/LTE data allowance‘. OK, what his means. So basically, you get 100GB of data transfer bandwidth allowance. The Internet service provider is Softbank or Ymobile networks. It’s is indeed 100GB and you can see it on the display.

One note though. It’s also worth mentioning that if you get to Japan to a short stay and need a pocket WiFi that doesn’t put a strict limitation on the bandwidth and you are a heavy Internet user and intend to use it a lot during your short stay, Japan WiFi Buddy might still be an excellent choice. But it is tailored, based on my understanding, towards longer stayed based on the price scheme.

Unlimited Internet Bandwidth*

When I stayed in Osaka, there was a time that I passed the 100GB, and indeed, there was no slowdown and I could continue browsing without any restrictions as before I passed the 100GB mark. Even Japan WiFi Buddy mentioned this on their website.

“Device display shows 100GB but this has no bearing on actual performance and may be exceeded freely.”.

I confirm this is indeed the case. That being said, the Internet service provider always retains the right to reduce the bandwidth/speed if you passed that mark or misuse the service. I didn’t dig into the Softbank’s terms of service, but I’m positive that there is something about that as well. Anyway, bottom line, it’s like having an unlimited Internet.

What did I get in the Package?

The Pocket WiFi Device has an up to 12 hours of battery life. It offers up to 187.5 Mbps download speeds, it has 98%+ coverage in Japan and you can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously to it, including phones, tablets, laptop computers, etc.

It’s a Pocket WiFi and it’s indeed a very small device. The package comes with a mobile backup battery (battery pack), the Pocket Wifi buddy device, AC adaptor and cables, and a return envelope. There is also a protective pouch which protects the device against damage. Oh, the receipt will also come in the package as well.

Pocket WiFi Buddy delivers to post offices, Airbnb hostels/hotels and to Airports.  Just make sure you order it a few days ahead of time.

Returning the Pocket WiFi is Easy

Returning the pocket wifi is easy. You put everything in the envelope and send it either via the post office (what I did) or put it in the post office box, which is spread across the city.

Superb Service

The service of Japan WiFi Buddy is second-to-none, absolutely superb. They talk English, they have available chat on their website, the get to you fast if they aren’t available online, the send you a transcript of the chat to your email automatically, they send emails making sure the information is correct, verify the name and the target address.

I even one time said that I will order one month and continue each month, but the seller recommended me to take for the whole period because it was cheaper.

The best service you can ask for, not tricks, not ignoring, a fantastic customer service.

Overall Experience

If you stay for a long period of time in Japan, you want to have constant Internet connectivity wherever you go. I use Google Maps all the time to know how to get to locations, I want to send photos and videos online to friends and families while on location. I want to be able to upload videos to YouTube and back up all my photos and video automatically using Google Photos. I want to be able to play online videogames in the hostel in the evening, etc.

You can do all that without worrying about anything. I have Japan WiFi Buddy with me and I didn’t have any problem at all in my 87-day stay in Osaka.

I do recommend buying another external backup battery just in case. I actually have a 20,000mAh + 10,000mAh because I spend a lot of time outdoors. The battery life of the pocket wifi is good and the extra battery pack helps, but if you are an explorer like myself and use GPS a lot for navigation, you’ll want a bigger battery pack. For most people, what you get in the package will be more than enough.

One last note. Keep in mind that there another pocket WiFi offerings that are cheaper in price and use other Internet network providers. Like the ‘Silver Pocket WiFi Buddy’ that uses Docomo and offers 170MB LTE-Speed data per day from $41.99 (price as of the time of writing). And they have SIM cards as well, so check out their website for all they have to offer.

They are available in Skype as well so visit their website and check them out. Again, Highly recommended pocket wifi rental service for long stays in Japan.

BTW, the banner image shows the moment I retrieved the pocket wifi from Kensai airport.

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