Japanese Bidet Toilet Seat “Experience”

Japanese toilet seat

It’s kind of funny that I named the title “Japanese bidet toilet seat experience”, with emphasize on “Experience”. However, as a person who never sat on one of those types of toilet seats, it’s a new experience.

I won’t get into too technical details. .The Japanese toilet seats, although not everywhere, of course, are “smart toilets”. You can find them in hotel restrooms, restaurants, at public many places, at the airport, at hostels, etc.

Japanese Toilet Features

Now it depends on the specific model, but most of them have several common main features. This includes rear and front water steam wash with pressure adjustment and sound that helps maintain privacy. You know, sometimes we make noise when we are in the restroom.

Some of those Japanese toilet seats have internal hitting. The toilet seat is warm, which is especially nice in the winter. I mean, it’s not fun waking up in the morning and sitting on a cold toilet seat. So in that aspect, it’s more comfortable.

I am not that type of person who will take a photo of a toilet seat. Having said that, I was in Osaka Station, and near the JR Ticker Office, there are public bathrooms. So there the buttons of the bidet toilet seat are on the wall instead of on the seat itself. It is easier to operate and more accessible and looks a bit more prestige if you know what I mean.

Bidet Toilet Seat Popularity

I was a bit curious about how popular how those seats outside of Japan. I went to Amazon.com to check and it’s very popular based on the total rating of products there. the price is around $100 and up based on the model. With the most popular one is GenieBidet, rear & feminine ultra-thin toilet attachment with self cleaning dual nozzles.

The most expensive one is the Bio Bidet IB835, which is a fully integrated bidet toilet system. Kind of an all-in-one product.  It has cleansing, drying, kids mode, pressure adjustment, separate water, and seat temperature, sleeping mode, massage mode and more.

Well, I didn’t have the pleasure to find something that advanced to sit on in Japan. But from what I did try, I was well… very satisfied.

It’s funny how you can pass time through your life and not knowing that there are such advanced toilet seats. Not just that, that in some countries they are very common.

I can’t say that this is one of the things that I miss about Japan, but let’s say that some minutes of the day do feel better with it 🙂

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