Japanese Steamed Nikuman Buns are Heavenly Delicious!

Japanese Nikuman steamed buns

In Japan there is plenty of convenience stores liked FamilyMart or ‘7 Elven’ distributed around any city. When I was in Osaka, I had a morning habit stopping at a nearby convenience store and buying one of that delicious steamed buns called Nikuman. Those filled buns are so heavenly delicious— that I had to share this experience with you.

A Large Variety of Tastes

Those buns are like bread buns but very soft. There are different tastes, but I think the same supplier supplied it to many of those stores.

Butaman” is a steamed pork bun filled with spiced minced pork and onions. “Tonporoman” filled with pork and it’s full of flavor. “Pizzaman“, one of my favorites (The yellowish one) is a steamed pizza bun. “Curryman” is also very tasty, it’s Indian-style Nikuman with curry sauce and meat (Sometimes it comes without meat). There are many other variations.

The prices are around 90-200 on average depends on which one you choose.

Japanese stuffed buns
Japanese stuffed buns inside a steam machine in the nearby convenience stores.

When you get it, it’s steamed hot, super soft and the inner part just melts in your mouth. Many people say that things melt in the mouth. But I am telling you, nothing melts like these Nikuman Buns. They are like super-soft sponges filled with delicious taste mixtures.

Low Price, Amazing Taste!

Japanese meat dough
Japanese meat dough

As you can see, those Japanese stuffed buns are very cheap. Of course, you don’t get a meal here, but it’s all about the taste here. It’s nice to have something like that in the morning alongside a hot coffee (~100¥/Small cup) to get the morning started.

I remember every morning trying a new one. Of course, I had my favorites, the pizza, and the mixed meat, unbelievably tasty.

If you come to Japan you can’t miss it. Eventually, you’ll stop at one of those little stores to buy a cold drink or a coffee.

When you buy one of those stuffed muffins, I recommend to also ask for the hot sauce. They have a sauce that the give you in a very small package. It goes well with many of those buns. Sometimes they don’t give you that, but I think most of them have it.

They will also wrap it up nicely for you and give you it with a moistured napkin. What more do you want?

Sweet Japanese Cream Buns

I talked about the hot stuffed Japanese buns, but there are also sweet ones. I at one when I first arrived at Kyoto Station. There is a small store that sales those tasty green creamy sweet buns.

They are made from several ingredients. I think one of them is Matcha but I am not 100% sure.

The Japanese Anman is also very tasty, sometimes it comes with added black sesame which tastes even better. The green one, I remember a listing of several ingredients on the package. I tried to Google it and wasn’t able to find more information about it. Anyways, it might not look good, but it’s very tasty.

Overall, highly recommended tasty Japanese food-on-the-go, don’t miss it out.

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