Jump Shop Daimaru Shinsaibashi

JUMP Shop at Daimaru shopping center, Osaka, Japan

In this post, I want to share my visit at the new JUMP Shop that was opened at the Daimaru Shinsaibashi Main Building, on the 9th floor.

A Little about Jump Comics

For those who don’t know, Jump (ジャンプ Janpu) is a popular line of manga magazines created by Shueisha. Some known those as Jump Comics (ジャンプコミックス Janpu Comikkusu). Many of the most popular manga magazines have been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump include One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Slam Dunk, Yu-Gi-Oh! and many others.

I personally reading One Piece at the moment, the English version. Japanese comics are not just very popular in Japan but have fans from all around the world. Many comics fans come to Japan to attend those events and check out many of those manga/anime stores and buy books and other related products.

Yet Another Jump Shop

There are a few Jump Shop toy stores in Osaka, including one in Umeda, one at Shinsaibashisuji and another one at Universal Citywalk in Shimaya.

This is yet another JUMP Store, the second one at Shinsaibashisuji, which is one of the most bustling shopping districts in Osaka, Japan.

JUMP shop at Daimaru Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan
The entrance to the Jump Shop at Daimaru Shinsaibashi Main Building, Osaka, Japan.

This shop was opened to the general public on September 20. This was also the Daimaru Shinsaibashi Main Building grand opening.

The store is located on the 9th floor, on the same floor as the new Pokemon Center Osaka DX store. Just on the other side.

I am not an expert in manga/anime, and just making my first baby steps. I spend quite a lot of time in Animate and other manga stores because I like the Japanese comics art style. Although I am just reading One Piece and Death Note at the moment, I am becoming a big fan of Japanese comics.

I didn’t visit the other Jump Stores, so I can’t compare those. However, fans of Shonen Jump will definitely find a lot of merchandise in that shop. It’s has a large selection of items from the popular manga that I’ve mentioned. I’ve seen ones from Salm Dunk, One Piece, Dragon Ball and others.

Waiting in Line to get to the JUMP Shop

It was the grand opening of the Daimaru shopping center. This means that you can’t just walk into the store, you need to get a ticket and wait in line.

It didn’t seem like a lone line, but I waited I think an hour in that line, seriously.

Ticket to Jump Shop
You needed a ticket to enter the JUMP store at the grand opening day.

Inside the Jump Shop

After about an hour we allowed to let in. I showed my ticket and got inside.

My Hero Academia section at the JUMP store
My Hero Academia section at the JUMP Store, at the right side of the store.

It’s a beautiful store, very colorful but a bit dim. I first went to the right to check out the My Hero Academia merchandise.

My Hero Academia Calendar 2020
My Hero Academia Calendar for 2020.

The My Hero Academia 2020 Comic Calendar looks really nice. Haven’t bought it, but I did like the design.

On the left of that section, there was the One Piece merchandise section. I’ve seen One Piece products on different parts of the store. On the left side of the store, there are bags, Monkey D. Luffy real hats, etc. At the front center, there are the One Piece manga books which you can purchase as well.

How Big is the new JUMP Shop in Daimaru?

Again, I can’t compare to other stores, but it wasn’t that big. Yet, there was plenty of JUMP comics-related merchandise, including toys, cards, manga books, bags, hats, 2020-year calendars, t-shirts and more.

JUMP Shop at Daimaru building, Shinsabashi-suji
JUMP Shop at Daimaru building. Not a big store, but has many JUMP Comics related products.

Beautiful Manga Art on the Walls

What I really liked is the series of Japanese comics art on the wall near the ceiling. This gave the place a distinctive look. It will make every JUMP Comics fan feel hugged and welcomed in this amazing world of Japanese manga. It also feels very inviting when you see it from the outside. You know what’s this shop has inside even if you don’t know what “JUMP Shop” means.

Japanese comic art on the wall

I browse through the many products and enjoy taking part in this amazing Japanese street culture. Here are some more photos of the various products available at JUMP Shop in Daimaru Shinsaibashi Main Building.


After about half an hour, I went out of the store because I was so hungry, haven’t eaten all day. I enjoyed my time a lot at the “JUMP Shop” in the Daimaru Main Building. It encouraged me to learn more about Japanese comics and read some of the other JUMP comic books like My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball.

I highly recommend any Manga fan who comes to Osaka to visit one of these stores.

Before I end my little tour, I want to show you some images from outside of the store, featuring large manga character figures.

I hope you enjoy the tour at the new JUMP Shop at the Daimaru shopping center. If you are in the area, don’t forget to check it out.

Thanks for reading.

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