Kamen Joshi Japanese Girl Idols Group Street Performance

Kamen Joshi jumping and dancing

Today I saw yet another performance of the J-Pop Japanese girl idol group, Kamen Joshi.  Well, they actually sing different genres, like electropop, heavy metal, and rock. The heavy metal is dope, I really liked it. This show was today on September 19, 2019. I walked around Namba and the area. Like many other days, I end my day at Dotonbor or at least cross it once during the day.

When I came to the place near the river, I saw many Japanese photographers waiting on the other side of the Dotobnori river. So I knew there is another show of Kamen Joshi today. A few minutes later, I saw that the Kamen Joshi staff were already getting ready.

J-Pop Live Street Performance Photos

On 3:00 pm the show has begun. You can check out my photos of Kamen Joshi live performance from yesterday. I also took pictures at night, but today I didn’t stay late for the second performance.

Here are some photos I took from that amazing Japanese girl idol group performing some of their popular songs.

Same as yesterday, it was a great performance. Well, if it’s like that every day, I’ll be there tomorrow as well. Tomorrow I have a surprise for you. Something that I came across today and I knew I have to share it with you. The thing is, that I wasn’t allowed to enter it without a ticket, but tomorrow it’s open for everyone so I can share it with you.

Photography Notes

First of all, I actually changed to Shutter-priority ode on my DSLR camera. Yesterday I forgot about it. This allowed me to capture better photos of the dance moves. As you can see, when the skirts move or the girls turn around or jump, you don’t see any blur.

Secondly, the lighting was good, so I had no problem shooting at a high shutter speed at 1/250s. The camera also didn’t push the ISO sensitivity to high, so I got clean images without noise.

Thirdly, I also cropped the image, to get a better framing of the show. Something I rarely do, but this time I wanted to play around with the photo editing in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Hope you like the results.

Thanks again for Kamen Joshi for a great performance and putting a smile on my face. What a great energetic girl group. I would come again without hesitating. Thank you.

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