Lost your Lens Cover? – Where to buy Lens Caps in Osaka

A few days ago, I lost the lens cap of my 18-105mm Nikkon lens. I was walking around with my Nikon DSLR with a strap to my neck and didn’t notice that the lens cap fell. I walked back all the way, maybe I can find it, but not, it was lost.

Some lens caps come with a string, mine was the original Nikon one that doesn’t come with it. First of all, I recommend that whatever you do, buy a lens cap with a string. Not all fit all lenses (depends on the distance of the cap from the camera’s body).

Visit Yodobashi Camera (Osaka)

So, where can you find original branded lens caps for Canon, Nikon or other DSLR brands or generic equivalent?

Simple, Yodaibashi Camera at Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Umeda. It’s right at the exit from Osaka Station. There is a store in Tokyo, but I am sharing a solution in case you are in Osaka, where I am staying right now.

The place is open from 9:30 am to 10:00 pm, each day of the week.

Although their prices are a bit high compared to other places, it’s a place where you can find almost anything related to photography.

Take a train to Osaka Station. Ask where the exit to Yodobashi Umeda is. It should look like in the image below.

Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Umeda
Yodobashi Umeda building at the exit of Osaka Station.

This building with all those square logos is the place. Just walk straight and enter inside.

The photography-related product store is located on the second floor.

There you’ll find a section with many lens caps/covers.

lens covers at Yodobashi Umeda
Large lens cap selection at Yodobashi Umeda store.

The selection is quite big. I needed a 67mm that fits my 18-105mm Nikon lens. You can check the diameter on the package and see which one you need. It should match the diameter as specified on your lens or filter if you use a protective or other types of filters on top of the lens itself.

I bought a generic one for ¥180 Japanese Yen (~$1.7 USD) and it fits perfectly. It also comes with a string to connect to the camera. So you’ll never lose it again.

There are some branded lens caps as well, like Nikon and Canon ones.

The branded ones cost more of course, but unless you really want an official lens cap, get the cheaper one and get done with it. Some people want original pieces and have the Nikon or Canon logo on their lenses, I personally can’t care less.

I hope you found it useful and it helped you find a lens cap that will replace your lost one. It’s a bummer losing it, especially if you don’t have a protective filter. I personally use a protective filter. If you don’t, you risk your lens getting scratches, so get one a protective filter if you are already there. some people worry about this affecting image quality. I am an amateur photographer, so it’s not a big concern to me.

Some of the higher quality ones can cost quite a lot, depends on the budget. Do you own math and see if you need one.

This is it, thanks for reading, enjoy photographing great places in Japan with your camera 🙂

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