Lufthansa Flight Cameras – Munich Departure, Kensai Airport Landing

View of Japan from the airplane

I wasn’t aware that this feature even exists. Today on the flight from Munich to Osaka, I saw some people switching to a camera that shows the outside of the plane from three different directions.

Actually only two worked. There is one camera zoomed in and facing straight down towards the ground. A second camera that is behind the wheel facing forward. The third one, which wasn’t active, suppose to be in the tail of the plane.

I liked the second view, it’s amazing, especially when departing and landing. I caught it on video so you can see how it looks like. The thing is that even if you sit near the window, you can’t see the clear beautiful sight. Let alone if you don’t have a seat near the window. In long flights like this one, some people sit in the middle section, so they can’t see anything from any window.

Here is the video. We depart from Munich Airport and landing at Kansai International Airport (KIX) in Osaka, Japan.

In-sit In-flight entertainment is fun. You can watch movies, TV shows, listen to music, play games and even enjoy a beautiful flight view from exterior cameras. I wish there was an option to record it directly to USB in high-quality. Just keep in mind that at night you don’t see anything. They don’t have super bright lenses and of course, at  ~7.4 miles above ground, it’s hard to see anything.

It’s good at relatively low altitudes and when landing and departing.

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