My Pocket WiFi Has Been Shipped to the Post Office

If you don’t know, it’s my second time I choose JapanWiFiBuddy rental service. They have fantastic prices for long terms stay in Japan and even more amazing customer service.

Anyways, yesterday JapanWifiBuddy sent me an email that my WifiBuddy (their Pocket Wi-Fi) is on the way, I first wanted the Pocket WiFi to arrive at my hostel but they recommended to ship it to a local post office closeby to where I stay instead.

Part of the email sent by JapanWifiBuddy
Part of the email sent by JapanWifiBuddy (personal information is blurred).

I had no problem with that. There is plenty of post office closeby that I can quickly reach by train. Secondly, this reduces delivery issues.

In the email, I got a Shipping Reference Number. This is the number I need to present to the person in the post office alongside my passport to get the package. You need to make sure that you give the exact full name as in your passport to Pocket WiFi. So you won’t get any issues in the post office. They are quite strict about that.

In the email, there is also a link to the Japan Post website that enables you to use that reference number to track your package, alongside the exact shipping address.

JapanWifiBuddy took care of all the needed steps. They notified me of each one in the mail. As I mentioned, they have fantastic service and this is one of the reasons I am choosing them again.

The official website of Japan WifiBuddy:

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