Nikon ‘Autumn Colors’ Scene Mode for Autumn Foliage Pictures

Autumn Colors scene mode, Nikon camera

I was just going over the Nikon D7000 manual. On page 44 in the user manual, I saw that there is an ‘Autumn Colors‘ mode. According to the description, and I Quote: “Captured the brilliant reds and yellows in autumn leaves.“.

Nikon D7000 scene mode

Soon I’ll be heading to Japan. I’ll be staying there for 3 months, which covers the Autumn season. The recommended time for viewing Autumn foliage in Kensai region (where I stay) is around mid to late November. I’ll be staying until December.

So I’ll be at the time of the foliage peak. It would be nice to try out that specific Autumn Colors scene mode to see how it tweak the image. I assume it enhances specific colors in the image post-process it in-camera so you don’t need to do it on your computer.

It also is written in the description: “The built-in flash turns off.“. This means that this scene mode also tells the camera to not use the flash.  This is understandable considering the scene. The goal is to capture a natural view of the scene without the flash with the original ambient lighting, not an artificial one.

I don’t have autumn leaves near me now so I’ve decided to try it out anyway by taking a photograph of an unprocessed image of autumn foliage on the screen of my laptop computer.

NOTE: Ignore the image quality because again, I am photographing the screen but look at the colors

Nikon Autumn Colors Scene mode
Nikon Autumn Colors Scene mode. Base image, standard shooting mode and with Autumn Colors scene mode.

As you can see from the set image images above. Nikon by default produces kind of vivid images. I didn’t set the color reproduction to ‘vivid’ in the camera, it’s on the default one.

The scene mode definitely made the entire image more vivid and enhanced the orange, red and yellow in the image. The image appears even slightly warmer. This is something that I can easily achieve using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. The question is whether I want to play with the colors when I shoot JPEG or get a regular image and tweak it later on if I want to. This is just in-camera processing, although the ‘Autumn Colors’ mode itself also disables the built-in flash.

Disabling the built-in flash is something I can do without this scene mode. As far as I can see, unless I intend to immediately share my images or print them straight out of the camera and I Want to enhance my foliage pictures, I don’t see a reason to use it. The results do look good though, don’t get me wrong, but I personally enjoy editing my photos in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom because it gives me more control over the results.

This ‘Autumn Colors’ feature probably exists on other Nikon DSLR cameras. There is even one for Cherry Blossom by the way. It was nice knowing about this feature. I am just starting to learn about the features of my “new” Nikon camera. If there is something interesting I’ll share it with you. Cheers.

What do you think about this scene mode, oversaturated, useful, would you use it?

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