Nintendo Switch Lite is Super Comfy Handheld Gaming Console

Nintendo Switch Lite gaming consoles

Video games are part of the street culture here in Japan, alongside other hobbies like Manga, Anime, Card Collecting Games, etc. Today I went to the store to try out the new Nintendo Switch Lite. What I think is a brilliant gaming console for travelers!

Seeing the Switch Lite for the First Time

I entered a store called Disc Pier at Shinsaibashi. On the shelf were three Nintendo Switch Lite consoles: yellow, grey and light blue. They weren’t active, so I couldn’t play on them, but I all I wanted is to check out the ergonomics.

Nintendo Switch Lite console at Disc Pier store
The yellow version of the Switch Lite gaming console at Pier Disc shop, Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan.

First things first, the looks of this new Switch Lite console is beautiful. A unified color design looks incredible on the switch. It looks like a completely new console, to be honest. However, I was there to check the size, weight, and ergonomics.

Switch Lite Ergonomics

I own the standard Nintendo Switch console. I actually brought it with me to Japan. I held the Nintendo Switch in my hand and oh boy, this is for real now, it feels SO MUCH BETTER than the standard Switch.

Specs aside, it feels so much lighter (.61 vs .61 pounds). It’s also feeling much slimmer, like a true handheld console. It’s considerably smaller in size (3.6 x 8.2 x 5.5 inches vs 4 x 9.4 x 5.5 inches) and this is why it feels like a 4DS console.

Holding the Switch Lite console in my hand
Holding the Switch Lite console in my hand.

It feels amazing in the hands. The Switch is also comfortable as a handheld device, but this one is way better in my opinion. The texture of the console is fantastic. It feels slightly rubbery and very durable—a material that will help you get a good grip while playing games for many hours straight.

The buttons feel great as well, not flimsy, but good rubbery and tacky feel. when I held it in my hand, I wanted to get it right here right now. This is actually the type of handheld console I wanted to hold in my hand. The regular Nintendo Switch is good, but the ergonomics are not perfect, the Switch Lite is.

Switch Lite vs Switch (V1/V2)

Of course, there is no reason for me to buy another Switch. The thing is that I only play handheld, so this type of console design is perfect for me, just perfect. If you see yourself playing the only handheld, I definitely recommend getting the Switch Lite instead of the standard version or the Switch V2. That being said, you need to be aware of the shortcomings, including a smaller screen, lower battery life, not TV mode/tabletop mode and nor kickstand. There are no detachable motion controls (no local multiplayer using two controllers) nor HD rumble.

Back side of the Nintendo Switch Lite
The rear side of the Nintendo Switch Lite

So there will be some games that won’t be playable on the Switch Lite do to its design, those who rely on motion controls.

Don’t worry about the built-in storage, the Lite comes with a built-in microSD card slot.

Feels Incredibly Good

I am a casual gamer, so all I can share is what I felt once holding the device in my hand. I don’t own the device also. So bottom line is that if you like the compact size and personal-feeling of the 3DS console and this is something you don’t feel with the Nintendo Switch, you’ll feel it with the Lite version.

This smaller size means it will fit easier to small bags. Secondly, due to the size, material design, and improved buttons, you will be able to have a better handheld gaming experience, hands down!

Well, these are my 2 cents. I hope you found it useful.

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