Official Opening of Pokemon Center Store in Shinsaibashi Osaka

In this post, I want to share a video and some words about the official opening of Pokemon Center Osaka DX. You can find more in-depth information and photos on Pokémon Center Osaka DX store visit. I know that some of you want to see it in the video, so I compiled some video footage and add my own commentary.

Here is the video tour of the Pokemon Center Osaka DX grand opening that I’ve captured on September 20, 2019. More information is available after it, enjoy.

Pokemon Center Osaka DX Opening Day

So, September 20, 2019, was the day Daimaru Shinsaibashi Main Building was officially open for the general public.  Many people who came that day wanted to see the new Pokemon store and the Pokemon Cafe. I know that because many people who were on the queue with me, either played Pokemon on their mobile phone or had Pokemon accessories.

grand opening of the Pokemon Center OSAKA DX

On which floor is the new Pokemon Center store at Shinsaibashi?

Well, The Pokemon store, called “Pokemon Center OSAKA DX”, is on the 9th floor of the Daimaru shopping center building.

A Long Wait to Get Into the Store

I was waiting an hour to get in, then around 45 minutes in line at the 9th floor there was another line. Everything was perfectly ordered. Just keep in mind that this is only for the days of the opening. They did arrange it like that because otherwise, the place would fill up completely. They wanted a comfortable experience for everyone. I had to say, they did an excellent job. In other places around the world, they would probably just let everyone in :).

Many people waiting in line to get to the Pokemon store in Daimaru

Finally, after almost 2 hours of standing and waiting with everybody waiting quietly—we start moving. It felt like an amusement park, to be honest. After a few seconds walk, we got around the curve and there it was—the new Pokemon Center Osaka DX.

This is the second official Pokemon store in Osaka city, Japan. The other Pokemon store is in Umeda station on the 13th floor. I don’t know why they choose to put those stores at such a high floor, but anyway, not that it’s hard to get there.

In fact, I am kind of used to finding great stores hidden inside buildings, it’s like that in Japan. Not any great store is on the street level.

Two Pikachu Human Figures Greeted Us

Before we entered, there was another queue, but we waited about 5 minutes there (Yes, lots of queues LOL). However, that wait was amazing, as two big Pikachu human figures walked and entertained us. That was so amazing. This was of course for the grand opening of the Pokemon Center Osaka DX. But honestly, I would like to see it every day!

Cutest Pikatchus walking near us

I couldn’t ask for more, it was such a great moment, like a big party—and I love parties.

Eventually, after taking lots of pictures of those amazing Pikachu figures, I got in!

A New Pokemon Center in Osaka

Finally, we have another Pokemon Center here in Osaka.  Tokyo also has a new store called Pokemon Center Tokyo DX. I haven’t visited the place, but it looks amazing as well.

The thing is, as a tourist and Pokemon fan, no matter which city you are, you want to have some great Pokemon Centers to visit. Both Tokyo and Osaka now have amazing Pokemon centers to visit.

Everything looks clean, colorful and new. Well, even on a regular day it would look like that, but you get the feeling of something completely new, like a fresh product that got out of the box.

Besides that, there were many people, so it felt like a big celebration. Usually, you see like 20-30 people in the Umeda store but now there were like a hundred of people inside. People were buying so many Pokemon products. I was actually in shock when I saw that. I mean, how many Pokemon products one actually needs. One girl was packing several bags full of Pokemon figures.

People Were Buying So Many Pokémon Products

I looked into their carrying bags, and they had like 20-30 Pokemon items there, crazy! And me, I was just searching for something to buy for my niece. Maybe I’ll buy the luggage badge, it looks nice and I actually need one.

Large furry and soft Pokemon ball

I was just thinking about getting like one thing, and that’s even not for myself, but for my niece. People of all ages were shopping for Pokemon products. So if you are not a Pokemon fan, just so you know, this is not just for kids, many people in all age groups love Pokemon here in Japan.

Yes, most of those things are mainly toys, but this is the way for people to share their passion, feel part of that magical world, and have some kind of ownership of that Pokemon experience in the real world—I think.

Overall, a great experience, a must-see Pokemon store for any Pokemon fan out there.

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