Artistic Japanese Cosmetics Product Packaging

Japanese cosmetic products

Sometimes I enjoy getting into many stores and browse through different Japanese products. Today I saw some beautiful Japanese cosmetics product packaging and I wanted to share it with you. If you read my previous posts, you know that I love Japanese art and Japanese comics (Manga/Anime). I just love the art-style, it’s so unique […]

Track-side platform Air Conditioning at Namba Station

Today I saw an air conditioner on the track-side platform at Namba train station. I went back to Shin-Imamiya by train from Namba station. I took the Nankai line semi-express train. I was quite surprised to see a big air conditioner there. I mean, it was perfect because I was after a few hours of […]

Eating Delicious Gyoza (Jiaozi) Dumplings with Peanut Sauce

Delicious Yaki Gyoza at dotonbori, Osaka

Today I ate another set of 6 tasty Yaki-Gyoza (餃子, gyōza) pork dumplings, filled with delicious ground meat and vegetables. This time, I wanted to spoil myself a bit better with the sauce. So what I did was took that amazing hot peanut sauce and put it all over the Gyoza. Oh boy, that was even […]

Kamen Joshi Japanese Girl Idols Group Street Performance

Kamen Joshi jumping and dancing

Today I saw yet another performance of the J-Pop Japanese girl idol group, Kamen Joshi.  Well, they actually sing different genres, like electropop, heavy metal, and rock. The heavy metal is dope, I really liked it. This show was today on September 19, 2019. I walked around Namba and the area. Like many other days, […]

Using Google Maps Augmented Reality Navigation

Google Maps Live View navigation

Yesterday I went out to check out different areas in Osaka, Japan. I am using Google Maps regularly to get to places in Osaka. It just makes my life so easy. I know exactly which train I need to take, which place to turn and how to get exactly to the right place. This navigation […]

Evening Food Shopping at MEGA Don Quijote Shinsekai Osaka

MEGA Don Quijote store in the evening

Today I went to MEGA Don Quijote Shinsekai store (MEGAドン・キホーテ 新世界店) to buy a few groceries to the room. Mega Don Quijote is a huge convenience store that sells groceries, prepared foods, household items, cosmetics, vitamins, sushi, clothing, alcohol and much more. The store is also known as Don Quijote Shin-Imamiya. Many travelers stay at […]

Two Recommended Delicious Japanese Sweet Snacks

In this post, I want to share two incredibly tasty sweet snacks that I absolutely love. I can’t give you the name, because it’s in Japanese and I am having a problem translating it. However, I can show you the wrapping and the labels so you can see how it looks. The first one is […]

Yodobashi Camera Umeda Store

Huge tele lenses on display at Yodobashi camera store

Sharing my experience after visiting the Yodobashi Camera Umeda store. Yodobashi Camera is a major Japanese retail chain that has more than 20 stores around Japan. It specializes in consumer electronics and I was going there to check out the camera and photographic equipment floor. How to get to Yodobashi Camera Umeda? There are plenty […]

Tasting Gyoza at Dotonbori – How Good is it?

After seeing the J-Pop girl group show at Dotonbori, I was hungry. I went to the street near the river and then I came across a little restaurant that one of its street food offerings was Gyoza (餃子, gyōza). This food is also called Jiaozi. In this blog post, I’ll share my first experience of […]