Parade of Lantern-lit Danjiris at Kishiwada (Night Photos)

Kids riding the Danjiri at night

In this post, I’ll share some night photos taken at Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri 2019. The event took place on September 14-15, 2019. Those photos were taken on the first day of the festival in the evening, where the parade of lantern-lit Danjiris took place.

Night Parade

The Parade of lantern-lit Danjiris is the last part of the pulling-Danjiris event. The first part of Hiki-dashi (opening pull). Second and third is the Parade during daylight, and from 19:00-22:00 is the ‘Parade of lantern-lit Danjiris’. This is how it called in the brochure that I got in the tourist information office.

I was already very tired walking all day in the heat. However, in the tourist information center, I met a Japanese guy that recommended me to stay until the evening.

I looked at the brochure and I saw that I need to stay many more hours, until 19:00 o’clock. I spend time in Kishiwada castle, in the shopping mall and just hanging around to pass the time.

It got dark and the parade started. In this part of the event, you’ll see the same Danjiri wooden cart, but it now has many lantern-lit lamps attached to it. It’s a beautiful sight to see at night. I was actually quite surprised seeing how many people stayed there. It was not only slightly less packed compared to during the day, and still many people stayed outside. All the food booths were still open.

Lantern-lit Danjiris Photo Gallery

I took many photos of the Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri in daylight, more photos here, and my photographing experience of Danjiri Matsuri as well. You might want to check them out also.

At night, things look very much different of course. The Danjiri look different with all those beautiful lantern lamp lights and the weather is more convenient. After a long stay in Kishiwada City, it was time to relax. I took one spot and took most of the pictures from that area. I just didn’t have the strength to walk more.

Comparing it to the Kishiwada Danjiri daylight photos, it looks like a completely different festival. There is something magical in attending that festival at night.  I enjoy both of course but I wouldn’t skip the night no matter what.

I glad I stayed. This was a great ending to an amazing event that I’ll remember for years to come.

TIP: If you want to stay until night but feel that staying from early morning till evening is too much. You can come up a bit later, let’s say at noon. This way, you won’t need to stay many hours until the evening. I came at 6:00 am, so for me, it was a very long stay.

Overall, a fantastic experience. In the next posts, I’ll share videos of this event. I hope you enjoyed the photos. Thanks for reading.

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