Pokédex Interactive Touchscreen at Pokémon Center Osaka DX

Pokédex screen at Pokémon Center Osaka DX

Yesterday I went back to Pokémon Center Osaka DX to try out the Pokédex interactive touchscreen. I was there for the grand opening, but I didn’t get to try it because it was so packed.

I first thought this screen is kind of a lottery that allows you to win small Pokémon dolls. I was wrong. This is actually an interactive touch-based Pokédex. A browser application that displays a sortable and filterable list of all the available Pokémons and some basic data about them.

There are two screens like that available on the right side of the Pokémon Center Osaka DX store. I was using the right one. The left one has small stairs, which I think make it easier for kids to use.

While I was there, I thought it would be great making a video of me using the Pokedex interactive screen. So here is me using it.

I really liked this application. First of all, it looks really nice against the reflective screen. Kind of giving it more depth. I first thought this is a light projection on a mirror, but it’s just a screen behind reflective glass, that’s all.

Second, when you tap the screen, it feels more tangible due to the UI animation. When you tap the Pokémon image, it enlarges a bit, the same goes for other UI elements.

You can sort the Pokémons by height, weight, Pokédex number (ascending and descending), and even filter them by their type (e.g. water, fire, grass, etc.).

Overall, a great experience. If you are visiting Osaka (it’s also available in Tokyo as well from what I’ve read), you must check out the Pokémon Center Osaka DX and of course try out this interactive Pokédex display. Thanks for watching.

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