Rare Pikachu Figure made of K24 Gold Costs almost $4000!

Today I went to the Pokemon Center Osaka DX to bring you some new photos and a bit more information about the little golden Pikachu figure. I saw it when I visited the store in the grand opening. I wanted to learn more about it, so I came back today to take a second look at it.

Billiken K24 gold Pikachu figure
Billiken K24 gold Pikachu figure at Pokemon Center Osaka DX store in Dimaru Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan.

The Pokemon Center Osaka DX store is located at Daimaru Shinsaibashi shopping center, Main Building in Osaka, Japan. It’s on the 9th floor.

This product is made by Billiken Company. The Pokemon company teamed up with Billiken to help supply the new store with some exclusive products. In this case, we are talking about the new Pokemon Center Osaka DX store that opened its gets to the public on September 2019.

We are talking about an exclusive Pikachu figure made entirely in 24-Karat gold. It sits there in a glass cabinet. To be honest, it can easily be ignored and I would give it a slightly more glamorous stage. That being said, it’s in the center of the store, at the back, so you can’t miss it.

Pikacho figure made of gold
Pikachu figure made of gold and costs 400,000 Japanese Yen (~$3700 USD, excluding tax)

If you want to get your hands on this exclusive product (and you’ll be the only one to have it), you’ll need to pay 400,000 Japanese Yen for it. That’s close to $3700 USD.  The price doesn’t include tax, so as of October 2019, that means 10% (from 8%), which means close to $4000 USD in price in total.

It’s a stunning little figure, just gorgeous to look at. It sits on a red fabric covering on top of double wooden plates with an engraving that says “Billiken Pikachu”. There are also two Pokeball engravings on the sides of the “Pikachu” text.

Here are some more photos of the 24-karat gold Pikachu figure.

If you can’t afford this one, you can still get a nice golden (not real gold of course) looking Pikachu doll. I think the price for that one is around ~1500 Japanese yen, not 100% sure. There is a smaller one and larger ones, so the price deffer depends on which size you get.

I’ve added the information sign. It shows some more information about Billiken, the trademark. It also says “K24 Billiken-san Pikachu, 400,000 yen (excluding tax)” in the orange box.

That’s it, this is the gorgeous gold Pikachu that I wanted to share more information about. Again, it’s an exclusive product and as of the time of writing this article, it’s still available at the Pokemon Center OSAKA DX at Shinsaibashi. If you want it, you better hurry 🙂

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