Super Potato Namba Osaka

Super Potato store in Namba, Osaka

After I visited the Super Potato store in Nipponbashi, I went to visit another store in Namba. This is the second of the 5 chain stores available in Osaka, Japan. So how good is this video retro-gaming store—let’s check it out.

Super Potato Namba Store

Address: 542-0075 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Nanbasennichimae, 15−17
Opening hours: 11AM-8PM

The Super Potato Namba store is located a few minutes away from The Nipponbashi store. If you are already in the area, I recommend visiting those two stores.

This store is smaller compared to the one inf Nipponbashi. It has two floors. The first floor is dedicated to modern console games. The second floor is for retro games.

1st floor with modern video games
1st floor is dedicated to modern console games.

The store still offers a decent amount of retro game selection. If you are a game collector, you probably would check any store to see if you can find a title that you don’t have. So in that aspect, it doesn’t matter the size, but which rare games can be found in each store. I didn’t, of course, make a comparison, this would take me a long time, but each store has a cabinet that holds its rarest games.

The Nipponbashi store, on the other hand, is all about retro games.

Second Floor: Retro Games

After spending a few minutes on the first floor, I went straight up to check out the second floor. It’s not the first time I visit this store though. Unfortioantly, the second floor doesn’t have airconditioning, and because it’s small and it’s quite hot outside, I didn’t feel too much comfortable. I bring this up because some people spend hours in that store, and having a cool environment, especially when it’s hot outside can make the experience more pleasant.

thousands of old-gen videogames

Aside from that, because the second floor is very small, it’s uncomfortable for many people to be there at the same time. When I reached the second floor, there were three people standing at the entrance, so I just couldn’t pass through, it’s that small.

As you can see from the image above, there are plenty of retrogames, by their thousands, easily. At the right, you can see the cabinet that stores the rarest and more expensive games. All the others are on shelves and you can pick them up and observe them freely.

One thing that I didn’t like is the way some of those videogames are displayed. Probably due to lack of space, they are arranged with a text label facing the front, so you don’t actually see the label of the game. On Nipponbashi Super Potato Store, most of the games are positioned so the label faces the visitor. Some of the small cartridge games are inside a box and you need to flip through them.

Rare Retro Games

If you are a videogame collector, you should unquestionably check out those cabinets and see if you can find some rare titles. The one in the image below are Sega Saturn retro games.  You can see that the prices are ranging between ~¥800 to ¥35000 (~$7.5 USD – $325 USD).

Sega Saturn Rare retro games locked behind a glass cabinet

If you are searching for a title that you can’t find on the shelves, maybe it’s less common and it might be found inside the cabinet. However, the selection is so large, that it’s better to ask the seller to help you out.

Super Potato Namba store in Osaka is not just for videogame collectors of course. It’s for everyone who enjoys gaming and wants to get a glimpse at the past of video game history. It’s a place where you can buy games to play on your retro gaming console. You can also get inspired for developing your own game by seeing what other games were developed back then. Whatever the reason, if you are a gamer at heart, you’ll love visiting Super Potato.

The History of Video Games at Your Fingertips

One of the main reasons I go to shops like Super Potato is because it’s a time travel to the history of video games. It’s amazing seeing the origin of some of the popular Japanese gaming franchises with characters like Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong—still being with us at the current days.

Nintendo retro game cartridges for Family Computer

When you see this, you’ll learn to appreciate companies who were able to maintain demand for their franchise. Nintendo is obviously one of them but there are many companies who continue to build on the success and popularity of games from the early 80s. Yes, we are talking about titles that their origins set 40 years ago—can you imagine that?

For old gamers, it’s not hard to grasp, but for the Z-generation, this is an awe-inspiring experience.

Retro Gaming Stores are Common in Japan

The thing is that in many countries you won’t find those retro game stores. I’ve been to several countries in Europe and I didn’t find ones. Here in Japan, it’s commonplace for those stores and they flourish.

Plenty of retro games in their original packages. Japan release versions

If I had a retro gaming console and I needed games, I would probably be looking at eBay or Amazon to try to locate a “new games” to play.

Super Potato has 5 stores in Osaka alone, which just shows us that there is a high demand for this type of old-gen games. Many people order those online, but sometimes the prices are much more expensive compared to buying them directly in the store. I’ve seen that in Manga books and the same apply to retro games from Japan.

Overall, I think that Super Potato in Namba is a good retro-gaming store. There is something unique about being in a tight place looking for old games compared to a relatively large store. The fact that it’s on the second floor and it’s a small place, felt like a more personal experience for me.

Some more images for you from Super Potato Namba store in Osaka, Japan – enjoy.

Although I didn’t find the game that I was looking for, I’m sure many of you will. Enjoy your trip to Japan and don’t forget to visit Super Potato if you love videogames. Thanks for reading.

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