Track-side platform Air Conditioning at Namba Station

Today I saw an air conditioner on the track-side platform at Namba train station. I went back to Shin-Imamiya by train from Namba station. I took the Nankai line semi-express train.

I was quite surprised to see a big air conditioner there. I mean, it was perfect because I was after a few hours of walking, so I needed that. The train themselves are air-conditioned. However, sometimes people wait a lot in line after being under the sun and they sweat. This is a great way to freshen up a bit before entering the train.

air conditioner at Namba train station
The air conditioner was at the sidetrack, cool!

Soon we won’t need it. The weather is getting better by the day here in Osaka, Japan. The day that I arrived was very humid. But now, only around a week later, the weather feels nice. It’s still hot outside, but not too much. The humidity dropped to around 55%. I don’t feel sweaty anymore when I walk a lot in the street.

At the first few days, I was sweating by just being outside for a few minutes. Considering that I am carrying a bag and a camera, it wasn’t easy.

This air conditioner does make it better for me. I wish there was air conditioning like that on the track-side at every train station.

Well, just sharing this. I’ve never seen an air conditioner on a platform in a train station.

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