Tribute to Japan’s Autumn Colors (Koyo) with an Instagram Filter

Japan Autumn Foliage Instagram filter

Colorful leaves (紅葉, kōyō) in Autumn, in Japan, are beautiful. When I come to Japan, it would be either in Spring or in Autumn. Right now, I am in Osaka, Japan and it’s Fall season.

In around mid-October, we’ll see the colors of leaves on trees changing colors in North of Japan. The peak of that will be around the end of November and early December based on current forecasts. It also depends on where you are located in Japan. Areas at the north and at higher altitudes will see it sooner.

Japan Fall Foliage Instagram filter
Japan Fall Foliage Instagram filter by WOW! filters.

I’ve created an Instagram filter called ‘Japan Autumn Foliage’. It’s a camera effect that works with the official Instagram app (either Android or iOS). In this filter, you have your face painted in white, like the white powder (Oshiroi) used by women in during the Nara Period (710–94) a. It’s also white because I wanted to portray the Japanese flag on top of the user’s face. I added the red circle on the left cheek so it resembles the Japanese flag.

I also added the Japanese text that assimilates with this occasion. There are also beautiful autumn leaves falling down from the top.

WOW! Filters website is one of my other websites dedicated to Instagram Filters and I also present filters that I’ve created myself. ‘Japan Autumn Foliage’ is one of them. I’ve decided, while I am here, to create filters that are inspired by things “Japanese”. I’ll share more filters in the upcoming weeks.

The beauty of Japan is indescribable. There are so many beautiful places and sights. This is one of the reasons I’ve decided to start Sightseeing Express travel blog. I wanted to share my experience and love for this magnificent country and its amazing culture.

I plan to visit Kyoto and other recommended places for viewing Autumn Leaves (koyo). Now it’s too early for that, so expect some cool photos somewhere around November or so. The Autumn Leaves season peak is delayed due to warm weather, at least based on latest forecasts for 2019. So the peak, for example in Kyoto, will be on December 8. So it’s later than usual. Usually, it’s around mid to late-November where ther Autumn leaves are at their peak color and spread.

I’ve also read that the intensity of the colors also related to the temperature. So it would be interesting to see how the color would be this year.

So aside from photography, I enjoy being creative using the latest technology, in this case, Augmented Reality. I’ll share more of that in the near future.

If you want to try out Japan Autumn Foliage filter, visit my filter’s related Instagram profile @wowfilterscom and it out. Enjoy.

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