I Tried Suntory The Premium Malt’s Aki Kaoru Ale (2019)

Today I was in Dotonbori. I walked quite a lot, so I’ve decided to take a break and drink a new beer. I’ve chosen the Suntory The Premium Malt’s Aki Kaoru Ale (2019). It’s an Autumn Seasonal edition.

Nothing like a Chilled Beer in a Hot Day

Today it was quite hot, more than the average. I was walking quite a lot, and nothing helps beat the heat and refresh your body than a cold beer.

I went to the nearby Lawson convenience store and check out what beers they have.

Selection of beers at Lawson convenience store, Dotonbori
The Premium Malts Seasonal 2019 was sitting there, cold in the dark, winking at me, and of course, I couldn’t refuse.

Then I saw that beautiful orange Suntory The Premium Malts beer. It was sitting there near the Asahi Super Dry and the Premium Yebisu. Obviously, I took the Suntory.

Found a Nice Spot to Open the Beer

I then went out to the bridge and let myself enjoy the nice view of Dotnobori river, but this time, with a chilled Japanese beer.

The Premium Malt’s Aki Kaoru Ale (2019)
The Premium Malt’s Aki Kaoru Ale (2019), sitting on the fence near Dotonbori river. This is an offer nobody can refuse.

I can’t say it was a beautiful day. It was cloudy, hot and humid. Not what I call an optimal day for outdoor walking in Japan. Nonetheless, when you have a cold beer beside you, that’s a different story.

How Good the Taste Is?

The taste was decent but I didn’t fall out of my chair. It’s still a good beer, and I did enjoy it. It has a nice hoppy aroma, a bit fruity taste but less than the regular one.

Drinking The Premium Malt’s at Dotonbori river
I didn’t care about the weather at that moment. In fact, I wouldn’t mind it was hot, because I had my cold beer on my side.

I am not a beer expert, but I know which taste I liked and those I like less or don’t like at all. This one for me was like 3/5. IT did feel different, but I know that if I want to enjoy a great taste, one that I really like, I am going for the regular “The Premium Malt’s”, my favorite Japanese beer.

Moving On…

That beer definitely revitalized my body. After a few minutes of enjoying a cold beer and the nice view of the Dotonbori river, I was ready to move on. I had many places I want to visit, and now I was full of energy and ready to go.

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