Video: Great Buddha Hall (Daibutsuden) of Todaiji

Have you wondered what’s inside the “Great Buddha Hall” (Daibutsuden) in Todai-ji temple? Well, as its name suggests, there is a Buddha statue there, but not just that, it’s the world’s tallest bronze statue of the Buddha Vairocana.

The place is also referred to as Sourin of the seven-storied pagoda of Todaiji. I’ve entered the place on May 2nd, 2019. There are several statues there, including “The Great Buddha” (Daibutsu), Komokuten, one of the pair of guardians in the Daibutsuden, Bishamonten watching over Tōdai-ji and its precincts. It’s a modest place but fascinating ones.

I looked at those ancient statues, standing there for so many years. That’s exactly what I was looking to see when I came to Japan and I was euphoric. I wish we could go back in time, see how this place was hundreds of years ago. It just fascinated me so much. Every minute I was there was like being in a time machine. The Japanese culture, so isolated from the rest of the world is so awe-inspiring.

After I finished my time enjoying this amazing temple, I went up the hill towards Nigatsu-do. It’s amazing what Nara Park has to offer. So many amazing places, it’s chock-full of culture, beautiful views, deer walking around the street, it’s surrounded by green nature,—what more can you ask. This is why I recommend people who visit Osaka and Kyoto to visit Nara as well.

I know that from experience. When you read about Japan, your hear Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Osaka, Kyoto and it seems that Nara is somewhat left behind. It was like that on my first trip, but I had more time, so I google the area and people recommend visiting Nara. Then I went there and oh boy I was happy that I didn’t skip it. The second time was even better.

OK, here is the video. It’s a short video but it shows you the main big statues that are inside.

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