Video of a Panda Bear in Ueno Zoo – Tokyo, Japan

Panda bear Ueno zoo

The first time I’ve seen a Panda bear was on my trip to Tokyo at Ueno Zoo (“Tokyo Zoo”). I was stationed in Seoul and took a flight to Tokyo in April 2018. I was walking on foot, searching for nice places to see. Then I came across the Ueno zoo.

Here is a video captured at “Tokyo Zoom”, showing the panda bear walking around in the cage as the crowd fascinated of every step that it takes.

Ueno zoo is much more impressive than Tennjoi zoo in Osaka, which is another zoo that I’ve been in Japan. I’ve decided to enter the zoo. I thought I might see animals there that I haven’t seen before. After all, I traveled more than 10 hours to get here, so there must be different animals on the other side of the planet.

Well, there were indeed plenty of animals that I haven’t seen. I didn’t expect to see a panda bear though. I haven’t read anything about zoos before I came to Japan. This visit was completely spontaneous.

Once I approached the cage where the panda bear was, I saw the place crowded with people, including locals and many tourists. All of them were holding their phones taking pictures and videos of this beautiful animal.

Of course, I did the same, and because of that, I have a little video to share with you.

If you are searching for a zoo in Tokyo that has a panda bear, Ueno zoo is one of them. When I was there there was also a baby panda bear as well, but the there line to see it was too long and I just gave up. It wasn’t in the same cage as the mother but in a close place.

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