Visiting the Official Nintendo Store in Seoul, South Korea

Official Nintendo Store in Seoul

In 2018 I was in Seoul for 3 months. On May 17, I’ve decided to go and visit the official Nintendo Store in Seoul, South Korea. The store is located iPark Mall or at its full official name “Hyundai I’Park Mall” (아이파크몰).

I didn’t have the Nintendo Switch back then, I bought it much later. That being said, I was a fan of Nintendo and I love their games so I had to visit the place.

First time in an Official Nintendo Store

I wanted to visit the Nintendo Store because it’s actually the first time I was about to visit an official Nintendo Store. It was a rainy day that day. I took the train and arrived at Yongsan train station which is like a few meters from the shopping mall.

I climbed the stairs and reach the floor where the Nintendo shop is. The weird thing was that the store isn’t like a regular store, it’s like a big open stand, no doors. In some way, I felt disappointed, because I wanted to get into a close placed, disconnected from everything else and just be in the Nintendo World.

Here are some photos of the official Nintendo Store in Seoul, South Korea.

As can be seen from the pictures above (taken using my iPhone 5S), the place is very small. But it doesn’t mean you can’t find lots of products there. It isn’t an Apple store where you have a huge space with few products. Here it’s the opposite, right space and many products. So it’s not that you won’t have anything to look at.

What Products are Available?

You can find Nintendo Switch consoles, dolls, 3DS consoles, Nintendo Switch games, Mario hats, etc. That being said, when I was in Japan, I’ve seen Nintendo sections in large shopping malls that offer much more than this offers, and this includes many different types of accessories, larger game selection, and whatnot. In that aspect, as an official store, it was quite disappointing.

This was in 2018, maybe some changed have been made, but as of the time of me visiting the place, it was nice, but nothing exciting. The whole idea to have an official store is when you get in you are all consumed by the Nintendo good and you have a large selection of products to choose from. Same as it was with the Pokemon Center in Osaka, Japan. There were many different Pokemon-related products and it was a great experience.

In 3rd party stores, you usually find more products because those are from 3rd parties. It’s like Nintendo displayed mostly their products.  It’s not an official Nintendo Store for nothing. However, as a consumer, I want to be consumed by a lot of products related to Nintendo. This is why in that aspect, I felt a bit of disappointment.

In the light of what I said, people who buy products from that place, know that this is an official product, not fake not to mention that you get great customer service and you can always say that you bought your console or whatever you bought, from an official Nintendo Store, it feels good.

Overall, and in short, if you are in Seoul, it might be well worth jumping and check it out.

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