Watching September Aki Basho Live Stream in My Room

One of the things that I enjoy doing in my Japan hostel room is watching live sumo tournaments on YouTube. Today I watched a live stream of the September Aki Basho (Tokyo Grand Sumo Tournament). Seeing Mitakeumi Hisashi (Dewanoumi stable) winning against Takakeishō Mitsunobu (Ozeki rank).

Mitakeumi Hisashi winning Aki Basho 2019  Sumo tournament.
Mitakeumi Hisashi winning Aki Basho 2019 Sumo tournament.

I was watching Mitakeumi Hisashi throughout the tournament.  He has high self-confidence. He is an aggressive thruster-type wrestler. He always seems like he does a lot of homework about his opponents.  It seems that he almost always know how to counter their attacks.

I wish I could attend this tournament, but I enjoyed watching it live. I already attended the 2019 Osaka Sumo Grand Tournament. It was one of the best highlights of my stay in Japan. Such an entertaining sports.

That was a great tournament. I hope to see Enhō Akira winning a tournament in the future. He is such a phenomenal wrestler. He is the shortest (168 cm) one among the top division wrestlers in the tournament. Also, he weighs only 98kg, but what a show this guy puts off. He had a great tournament as well.

The next tournament is in November at Fukuoka Kokusai Center. Of course, I’ll be watching that as well. Maybe I’ll fly there and attend it, I haven’t decided yet. Tickets are already on sale online.

For those who want to watch Sumo on YouTube, I recommend NattoSumo, Chris Gould, and Jason’s All-sumo channel. All are fantastic channels to watch sumo bouts, some with English commentaries, like Chris Gould and Jason’s All-sumo channel.

Well, time to buy a Sapporo beer and celebrate the winning. Cheers.

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