What is the Best Japanese Beer? – My Opinion

Japanese beer

When I got to Japan, I knew I would be tasting some of the local Japanese beer there. I am not a big alcohol drinker and I rarely drink beer when I am in my own country. I do love the taste of a cold beer and some I prefer better than others.

Everywhere I go I have my favorite drink. In Portugal, it was the ‘Radler Lima-Frutos Vermelhos’⁠—so tasty. In Japan, my most favorite beer was Suntory The Premium Malt’s. I tried many local Japanese beers, including Asai Super Dry, Sapporo, Draf One, Kirin Green Label, Tokyo Black, Yebisu Meister, Aooni,  Kirin Beer (Gold can with the red stripe), Premium Yebisu and others.

One of my neighbors to the hostel recommended Kirin Beer, and I’ve read it’s an excellent beer, one of the most popular beers in Japan. I tried it, it was great, but nothing beat a chilled Suntory The Premium Malt’s. It’s such a comforting, refreshing and full of flavor. It’s very slightly sweet, but not like Sapporo.

It’s even tastier when you order it from a barrel in a bar or a restaurant. I ordered one when in a restaurant and it was so tasty.

My Top 5 Best Japanese Beers

  1. Suntory The Premium Malt’s
  2. Sapporo (white can)
  3. Kirin (red stripe)
  4. Asahi Super “Dry”
  5. Premium Yebisu.

Here is an image with the labels, so you can recognize them.

My favorite Japanese beers
My favorite Japanese Beers

If you fly to Japan, I recommend trying out one of those Japanese beers or all of them if you are really into tasting beers from all over the world. Enjoy.

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